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Made in France

All our jewellery is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop in Nanterre. A 100% French production that was awarded at the 2018 Lépine Competition, with the Special Eiffel Tower Prize. More than just jewelry, Les Interchangeables offers true fashion accessories that are trendy and dazzling.
Versatile Elegance: Jewelry for Every Occasion

Adjustable and waterproof, they will accessorize all your outfits, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Whether for a romantic outing, with family, or friends, in the city, at work, at sports, or at the beach… our jewelry is designed to follow you everywhere. You will wear them for their elegance, you will love them for their style, and you will never part with them because of their practicality.

The very essence of the brand lies in the elegant combination of simple stretch ribbons, velvet, and the luxury of high-quality crystals, thus giving birth to models accessible to all women.

Renewed each season but always in line with the initial concept, the models multiply without ever looking alike but always assembling perfectly: bracelets on stretch ribbon or precious metal, chokers, necklaces, earrings, rings, strass boxes with natural pearls, bangles with interchangeable ribbons, and more recently, 100% customizable products…

Heritage of Innovation: Award-Winning French Craftsmanship

Founded in 2009, the luxury fashion jewelry brand was awarded the gold medal at the prestigious “Concours Lépine 2018” as well as the “Special Eiffel Tower Prize.” Two awards that recognize its 100% French craftsmanship.

The brand possesses incomparable expertise and skills in the manner of “Maisons.” Indeed, our team works the material by hand using complex techniques, adapted and perfected with each new collection. A meticulous work, carried out in our Parisian workshop at each stage of manufacturing, which combines creation, French craftsmanship, and exclusive processes for 100% French pieces with a unique and timeless style… that we love to change and interchange.

bijoux fabriqués en France et ornés de cristaux de luxe


The Concept

The essence of the brand: the elegant combination of the simplicity of stretch ribbons, the luxury of crystals, velvet and any other ornament that will further sublimate the material, and which gives birth to models that are accessible to everyone.

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