Duo beaded bracelet mom i love you



These limited edition jewelry pieces have been specially designed for Mother’s Day and are the perfect gift to express all your love and gratitude to the woman who raised you.

The pack consists of two exquisite bracelets, each with its own touch of style and sophistication. The first bracelet is composed of star-shaped beads interspersed with small golden beads, offering an elegant and subtle shine. The second bracelet is a stretch bracelet, with the phrase “Mom, I love you” written in gold letters, followed by a luxurious crystal heart. Together, these two bracelets make a perfect duo to express your love for your mother.

This duo comes in three ornaments, yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium, and is available in nine different pearl and ribbon colors. Each pearl and ribbon color adds a unique touch of sophistication to this duo of bracelets, allowing everyone to choose the style that best suits their beloved mother.

In summary, the “Mom I Love You” pearl duo bracelets are a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Their elegant design and exceptional quality make them a choice jewelry piece to express your love and gratitude to the person who gave you everything. Give this duo of bracelets to your mother and show her how much you love her!

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