Yours full pattern bracelet



The “Yours Motif” bracelet embodies creativity and elegance with an exceptional design where each differently colored crystal combines to form a unique pattern. Made in France with a focus on ecology, this jewel merges recycled jeans and silk into an expression of sustainable elegance.

This bracelet stands out with its arrangement of crystals, creating a true wearable piece of art. The varied hues of the crystals offer a vibrant color palette that changes with movement, capturing light and attention. Accompanied by a matching, practical, and customizable pouch, the “Yours Motif” is more than just an accessory; it’s a conscious fashion statement.

Choosing the “Yours Motif” bracelet means selecting a jewel that tells a story through its colors and its commitment to more environmentally friendly fashion. It represents the perfect balance between art, responsibility, and personal style.

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Made in France

All our jewellery is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop in Nanterre.