Yours line bracelet



The “Yours Line” is a delicate bracelet, crafted from recycled silk and jeans, adorned with a fine line of tiny crystals that come together to create a subtle linear motif. This piece, handmade in France, celebrates the union of eco-friendly fashion and minimalist design.

The precision with which the crystals are arranged along the bracelet makes it more than just an accessory: it’s a style statement, where the art of jewelry meets ecological consciousness. The use of recycled silk and jeans not only reflects an environmentally friendly choice but also provides a unique texture and durability to the bracelet.

Perfect for adding a discreet touch of sophistication to your outfit, the “Yours Line” stands out for its innovative design and commitment to sustainability. This bracelet is proof that fashion and responsibility can harmonize beautifully, offering a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful.

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Made in France

All our jewellery is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop in Nanterre.